Content Roundup: Emotional Triggers, Site Architecture, Content Models & Cognitive Bias Codex

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Top Emotional Triggers in E-tailers’ Ads

Source: Semrush

I love this handy compilation of emotional triggers in e-tailers’ ads from Semrush‘s E-commerce Industry Trends Report.

It strikes me that so many of these are tried and true marketing messages, rooted in saving time and money. While trends change over time, human psychological triggers remain simple and constant.

How to Build a Search Intent-First Website Architecture

Source: Lazarina Stoy

Site architecture can be complicated and tricky, and this guide from Lazarina Stoy on How to Build a Search Intent-First Website Architecture is so thorough, from identifying intent-based KPIs, to keyword research, to site navigation, to internal linking.

This resource is packed with so many goodies, grounded in both user experience and performance marketing best practices.

I especially love the advice on how to develop intent-based personas and how that should influence site architecture. Great read!

How to Improve Your Hub & Spoke Content Model

Source: Andy Chadwick

This article from Andy Chadwick breaks down how to produce a hub-and-spoke content model in really helpful detail.

I’m curious about opinions on one thing asserted in the article. While many content teams produce “hub” content first because it’s usually closer to buying intent and more competitive to rank, this article suggests writing “spoke” content first for the following reasons:

• It will be quicker/easier to create hub pieces (which are typically very research-intensive and long) because you’ve already written the spoke pieces.

• Internal linking will be easier because you can link to spoke content.

• You’re more likely to see results quickly.

I’m curious to learn more about how this works in action and maps to results.

The Cognitive Bias Codex

Source: Wikipedia Commons

This super detailed Cognitive Bias Codex deeply explores the topic with links for more info on every single type of cognitive bias.

One of my personal values is “Seek Diverse Perspectives.” I’m always striving to gain an accurate-as-possible picture of reality, while acknowledging my own biases and that I need people with differing points of view and varied strategic-thinking frameworks to get there. To that end, this is a treasure trove of great info!

I believe in the power of inviting other people to challenge my point of view and doing the work to try to prove myself wrong. That’s when you’re able to make sound decisions, do great work, and experience amazing growth.

Craft Strong Messaging with Value Nuggets

Source: Building Momentum

Although the coined term kinda makes me hungry, I love the idea of the “value nugget” from James Doman-Pipe.

“A value nugget is a way to package up your product features and benefits, while providing a clear hierarchy to navigate effortlessly in sales conversations and marketing.”

This article explains that a value nugget should include:

• Something the reader hopes to attain (value)
• Tangible benefits when using your product
• Benefits gained via features (specific functionality/capability)
• Proof of benefits (stats, testimonials, evidence)

While the article specifically focuses on creating messaging for products, this framework is widely applicable to any type of marketing content.

Your messaging should always center on solving pain points for the reader with specific benefits: the what, how, and why it matters, paired with proof.

It’s seemingly simple stuff that’s easy to neglect because it takes time, effort, critical-thinking, and empathy to craft the most compelling “value nuggets” for any given piece of content. Writers who consistently do this well are exceptionally valuable!

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